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Journal Entry of Jonathan Taylis, June 21, 1999:

I should have expected it. Raphael's was packed with mortals waiting to see the show, but they were not the only ones there. In addition, Sarah is not...who I thought she was. I had expected an innocent, somehow, but instead I found a member of the Crimson Legion. She was well aware of what I was, though it seems I was oblivious to her immortal state. I am glad to meet her and her ally, "Johan", who is indeed one of us and not mortal either. But I have more troubling news.

"Johan" spoke in detail of a group within our city Arden who identified themselves as forming a new 'legion'. This group is bent on destroying what's left of humanity. "Johan" described it as 'bringing on the apocalyse.' Indeed, this faction was also present at Raphael's that night, and, like me, they walked over to each person I recognized as an angel and attempted to recuit them to their cause. One of the individuals that night seemed glad to join them. I was unable to recognize the celestial names of this individual and I do not know the names of the three recruiters. The recruited, a man by the name of Sage, seems to have an interest in my paintings. I will set up an appointment this morning, and hope he comes alone. Perhaps I can learn more about the situation.

"Sarah", or Fawaria, is a well-intentioned medical student at the University. I am glad to finally remeet those who want the world to change for the better. I cannot help but feel that without a plan, our group will be nothing but a social meet; still, I see the hope in their faces, and I know I feel the same way. We must reunite.
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