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Dangerous Alliances Jul. 11th, 2005 @ 10:37 pm
The museum hall was empty and quiet; the lights had all been dimmed so that pale yellow lights cast a faint glow over the rooms. Johnathan cast side glances at the girl who stood observing a single painting in wonderment. The painting's lumenance was barely dimmed by the lack of light; within it seven winged figures were standing in a circle suffused with brilliance.

"I'm going to say something now, but you can't laugh at me," Cindy said, peering closely at the figures.

"I won't," he promised.

She took a deep breath, and turned away form the painting, focusing on him completely. She took a second long breath, her eyes flickering over him, watching for any sign of laughter. Finally, she spoke.

"Well, I believe in angels."

Jonhathan gave her a smile that was half amusement and half bitterness. "As do I," he told her as gently as he could manage, then looked back at the painting.

This is going to be easier then I thought.

Journal entry of Jonathan Taylis, June 22, 1999

I had meetings with 'clients' today. They are angels, and so I might normally be more hesitant about selling the work to them- after all, they already understand the images on them- but one is going to be on public display at Raphael's, and the other....the other.

Until lately, I have kept a low profile in the demon world. That time has changed. I am entering dangerous territory by walking into a house I know to be owned by a member of the legion of chaos; yet I must speak with him, new recruit that he is, because he is my only contact among that faction and I need to more about what they are planning. I had hopes, too, that he might turn against them after learning more of what they were, but after hearing his celestial name I can say only that even I need watch my step to avoid whatever it is he intends with me when he looks at me the way he does.

I find myself, now, watching those I am close with carefully too; I do not think they would betray me, but I am inclined to believe they might be in danger from those who wish to get to me. I was asked by 'Sarah' and 'Johan' that I speak to their friend, Cindy, because she was at the bar two nights ago and was seen with us by that group. She has taken to it pretty well. I...want to stay with her, but I'm not certain if it will put her in unneccesary danger. I need more time to think about it.

Jul. 11th, 2005 @ 01:32 pm
the night was very busy for a thursday night.the band was good. we had a line at 6:30pm, so i called in my bouncer(i have a bouncer(mostly friday/Saturday),micheal(co-owner/barter),6 whiter/waitresses)a total of 8 people who work for me. i met the artist who did the painting that i keep behind the bar,of two angels locked in battle.we had a nice talk.he agreed to sale another painting for the upstairs bar.

after years of waiting, i was found by some fallen like myself. they seem to want to help humans, which is my goal as it was in the beginning. tomorrow we meet at 4pm here in the bar. we will see how things go.one has promised to help with my memories.

Jul. 7th, 2005 @ 09:47 am
I was given a very interesting proposition last night. It proved to be a very fruitful night. *sly grin* I had no idea when I woke up that a student of mine would make a pass at me and that I'd atually respond to it. I don't think he knows what he's getting into. And that's the best bit. I look forward into breaking in a new play toy. He'll look so beautiful in a pair of my black leather cuffs.

But that was not the highlight of my evening. I was approched by a man for another one of my vices. Chaos. He lead me to a church and into a room where he brought out a poor dead soul. He wanted to die and I was only too happy to grant his wish. It was over too quickly. It was all I could do to contain myself until I got home. I over vexed my Pet, I'm afraid. He passed out. Bad form on me.

But when the end does come, he'll be with me. Safe. Protected. A front row seat and we'll dance as the world burns.
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Setting up chess pieces; the board prepared Jul. 6th, 2005 @ 10:13 pm
Journal Entry of Jonathan Taylis, June 21, 1999:

I should have expected it. Raphael's was packed with mortals waiting to see the show, but they were not the only ones there. In addition, Sarah is not...who I thought she was. I had expected an innocent, somehow, but instead I found a member of the Crimson Legion. She was well aware of what I was, though it seems I was oblivious to her immortal state. I am glad to meet her and her ally, "Johan", who is indeed one of us and not mortal either. But I have more troubling news.

"Johan" spoke in detail of a group within our city Arden who identified themselves as forming a new 'legion'. This group is bent on destroying what's left of humanity. "Johan" described it as 'bringing on the apocalyse.' Indeed, this faction was also present at Raphael's that night, and, like me, they walked over to each person I recognized as an angel and attempted to recuit them to their cause. One of the individuals that night seemed glad to join them. I was unable to recognize the celestial names of this individual and I do not know the names of the three recruiters. The recruited, a man by the name of Sage, seems to have an interest in my paintings. I will set up an appointment this morning, and hope he comes alone. Perhaps I can learn more about the situation.

"Sarah", or Fawaria, is a well-intentioned medical student at the University. I am glad to finally remeet those who want the world to change for the better. I cannot help but feel that without a plan, our group will be nothing but a social meet; still, I see the hope in their faces, and I know I feel the same way. We must reunite.

Jul. 4th, 2005 @ 10:32 pm
I've heard about this new bar to go to. It might be worth it to check it out. It would be nice to get away from something I know.

The Pet is being obstinate again. *sighs* Rather dull. Tedious, very, very tedious. I think I shall let one of my darlings play with him. I'll watch of course. God, the sounds he makes. They titillate and arouse me so. *smiles*

This world has changed so much since the war. What wonderful and new creations this world beholds for me. Sweet Rapture is the staccato of his heart beat. This brave new world is once again my playground. I intend to make the most of it. Life is short, after all.

Oh, look. He's crying. Let me comfort you, pet. Daddy will make it all better. You'll see.
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Jul. 3rd, 2005 @ 10:42 pm
Hello, My name is Nathen Grace. Or it is now. I am inhabiting his life as he technically "died" two years ago. My wife, Jeane, and five month old daughter, Theresa, died in a car accident 28 months ago. He did a fast spiral into depression. Then I came in. Since then, I have flourished in life. I have written two books and am working on a third. By the way, I am what they call a slayer. Angel of Death, Reaper, my kind have been called a lot of things since the war. Well, I've got to go. I'm going to Raphael's tonight.
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Jul. 1st, 2005 @ 07:00 pm
it was a busy night at the bar again. i have "owned" Raphael's for a year now.(do to certain facts i can't truly own it.) but i pay the bills. it is a place i can play and sing without fear. people come and hear me play, it puts me at ease.Micheal(he is my co-owner)has asked for help a to find a new bartender, since the old one found a new job.so that gives me two weeks to find a new one.

Alyssa's memories gave me bad dreams again.i stood against god and yet i am scared of a mortal man. a man who wants my death. OUR death. he and i have never met, except in Alyssa's memories.

Jun. 30th, 2005 @ 10:48 pm
Humans will never sease to amaze me. Their will. Their defiance. Their creations.

I am still spellbound by their toys. Always something new to amuse and delight. They can never be boared, oh, no. Never that. And in that we are so similarily alike. Even I must admit that. For like them, I am but an explorere. Yes. I just want to find what makes them tick. How long will it take for their will to break under my lash? Before they stop crying. Before they stop begging. How long before they submit to me. They always think they can last longer then they do.

And THIS, this, human truely delights me. This deepest, darkest thoughs were not unlike my own. My outbursts, my words sting, are not questioned by HIM. My little pet. He is still trying to grasp WHY his lover would betray him so. It hasn't occured to him that his lover is not his own. I take delight in this most of all.

After he, Date Sage, saved me from that NOTHINGNESS...I fully plan to enjoy my new freedom. I now have a new lease on life. And I was fortunate enough to have a very rich host. Money can buy anything. Many, many, things.

I think I hear my pet stirring. Daddy wants to play.

My name is Lamashtu. Lioness. Ruler. Goddess.

Beginnings- June 20, 1999 Jun. 30th, 2005 @ 09:08 pm

A quiet noise stirs memories, causes a small form to stir and awaken from the darkness. The movement is silent, but still:

Beep.... Beep... Beep...

A hospital? A bed? These memories are not my own.

Beep ...beep....beep....

Still, the repetitive noise continues. Eyes open to a large room broken off by pale blue curtains with printing of faded flowers. The room smells heavily of sweet blossoms and rubbing alcohol. Beyond the curtains is the sound of heavy snoring.

The figure stirs and sits upright with some effort; brushes short blonde hair back with fingers spotted with paint. The television in the corner is off; the glass on its surface lends a mirror for the man now looking at his face.

No, this isn't me at all. This is...the body of a mortal?

Journal Entry of Jonathan Taylis, June 20 1999:

Dreams of awakening to the hospital bed last night. Later, I had dreams of war. Long and bloody. I don't want to think about that. Went to the museum to try and clear my mind of...no. I went to the museum and looked over the pictures, spoke to the people there. Most are regulars, not visitors; and many are looking for something in the pictures they cannot understand. I can help them with that. For now....back to painting.

Tonight, I have been invited to a nightclub by a lovely lady. I suppose it cannot hurt to go. She is named Sarah, and she is a museum regular, like myself, though she does not paint. We're going to Raphael's. I have some rather bitter memories at the mention of such a name. We'll see.

Jun. 29th, 2005 @ 05:22 pm
*the thoughts and events said in this jounrnal are NOT,NOT real life.these events did not happen at all. these characters, also belong to their resptive people. also these characters, are for Demon the Fallen, that a friend is running.*

My Name is Ambriel and once i was an angel of god.i was one of the first, along with the Morningstar. i don't remember much of my time as an angel.but i do remember my love.not for god, or even the humans but another like myself an angel i also know he joined the rebels angels because we would not be parted.where i was light, he was dark but we loved each other.but i have forgotten his name so i can't see if he is here on earth in a moral body. yes i do have a moral body, that of a girl who was killed when she was 14 in Detroit.she was a runaway.but for 4 years now i have lived in this body.i was drawn to her because she wish to live free without the pain of her past.but she died before that dream could be realized.i have to go the bar will be opening in an hour.
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